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Think of Us as Mission Control for Brand Founders


Fundraising is both hard and distracting. And, its never done when you need it the most. e-Ven offers capital so that Founders do what they do best: Create Products and Services that are out of this world.


Online Customer Acquisition is both a science and an art. e-Ven delivers sales through data-driven strategies and high-impact creative. We manage your ad console as if your life depends on it.

Because we know it does.


Creating and launching a Brand is one thing. Navigating and engineering to sustained profitability another. e-Ven supports Founders with its team of eCommerce Rocket Scientists and Vendors to beat every challenge.

Our Mission is to

Help Founders Accomplish Theirs

.Founders are dreamers.  They imagine an ever-improving world, made even better with their innovative products and services.  They want to reach for the stars, but oftentimes aren’t quite sure how to get there.  They don’t just need capital, they need their own personal “Mission Control” of subject matter experts  to help them plan, execute and continually refine.

Strategy Planning

e-Ven’s team of highly successful eCommerce entrepreneurs, marketers, financiers and operators have developed customer acquisition, customer retention and operating strategies for hundreds of eCommerce Brands and related businesses.  We work in true partnership with our Founders to develop successful sales and operating strategies to ensure their success.

Execution & Improvement

e-Ven works arm-in-arm with our Founders and their Teams to drive customer acquisition and retention.  We avail our extensive network of talent, from world-class online store designers and marketing technologists through to specialized vendors such as contract manufacturers and logistics firms to continuously improve operations and drive profitability.  Whenever we can, we make things “e-Ven” better.

Insights & Data-Driven Decisioning

Just like Mission Control, e-Ven’s job is to constantly obtain, analyze, interpret and help our Founders and their Teams make the right decisions.  Through our automated systems and tech stack, we track and analyze mission critical data points such as click through rates, conversions,  time-of-day attention, geography, average order values, bounce rates, add to carts, abandoned carts, shares, comment sentiment, inventory lead times and much more to truly understand what’s going right, and where we need to adjust.  e-Ven doesn’t just provide this data to our Founders, we contextualize it along with them to make “e-Ven” better decisions that continually drive results.

What You Get

When You Get e-Ven

Access to Capital

e-Ven's Capital Partners are excited to fund some, or all of our Brand Partners' marketing and operations. That's because with e-Ven driving sales, they get unprecedented insight into Brand performance data. Our financing programs are designed to align Brands and Investors, because we know that when those stars align, the sky's the limit.

A Finance Team

A product or service is only stellar when it achieves sustained profitability. Founders often grapple with unit economics, contribution margins and time-to-profit--making costly mistakes. e-Ven understands that financial planning and management is mission critical. When you get e-Ven, our Finance Team, becomes your Finance Team.

Marketing that Performs

e-Ven's Team of performance-driven Marketers don't just know best practices, they apply

"e-Ven" better practices. Our talent hasn't just seen and done it all, they continually innovate to drive higher Average Order Values, greater Click Through Rates, more Conversions and extended Life Time Value. All this, while building Brand Value that's out of this world.

Optimized eCommerce

.To increase the potential for success e-Ven will optimize digital marketing assets, Customer experiences, product delivery and so much more. We automate to increase efficiencies and call on our expansive network of eCommerce subject matter experts, business professionals and vendors to make our Founders and their Brands "e-Ven" better.

A True Partner

e-Ven doesn't believe in just buying a seat at our Founders' tables. We earn it. We invest our time and resources to drive profitable sales, on top of any capital we invest. Our customer acquisition and financing programs are designed to incentivize us through the entire lifecycle of a Brand's development, keeping us aligned with our Founders throughout our journey together.

A Collaborative Community

e-Ven is creating a growing Community of like-minded Dreamers. We introduce our Founders to one another, foster consistent engagement among them as well as meaningful collaboration between them. This goes well beyond just sharing lessons learned. It fosters relationships, leverages respective Customer bases and ultimately drives "e-Ven" more opportunity.

e-Ven Partners is focusing on health & wellness, beauty, plant-based foods and legal and financial services.
But, we're also open-minded and willing to listen.

Our Process

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